Brook Bank Shooting Ground, Somerset

On Friday my Dad, Brother and I set off for a village in Somerset called East Harptree to visit my Uncle and Auntie. Since I started shooting earlier in the year I had mentioned to my dad that it would be nice to visit my Uncle who I haven’t seen for a while to go on a lads road trip and take the guns with us.

I think one of my first encounters with guns of any kind was on the same trip maybe 20 years ago when I happened to come across my uncles Gun Cabinet in his house. Being young I thought that guns were only for the movies and was suprised to find out my uncle owned the real thing!

Once we had arrived in East Harptree and picked up my Uncle we headed to Brook Bank Shooting Ground, Somersets only Premier CPSA rated venue located at the foot of the Mendip Hills.

On arrival we were greeted by a smart looking Log Cabin, certainly the best first impression I have had to any ground so far. Sat along side this was a tidy car park, and the first of many stands to shoot from. We made our way in to the log cabin to enquire and see about shooting some English Sporting. We were greeted by a nice lady who helped us get started.

s9.jpgThe Cabin offered tea and coffee along with a selection of snacks and a some great facilities compared to most I have been too.

I was suprised to find out that I was only allowed to shoot with Hull or Fiocchi cartridges. Which was OK as I had a slab of Hull 21g CompX in the car but I hadn’t been told what cartridges I could or could not use in the past. I think this is due to sponsorship deal in place with the club but if you dont have the right cartridges they had plenty you could buy.

Once we were kitted up and had a bag full of ammo we were out to our first stand. There are over 13 stands in total which provided great variety and with score card in hand decided to start on the last stand furthest away from the clubhouse and work our way back to base. The photos on Brook Banks website don’t do the layout of their stands justice as there were a great variety of stands and traps along a winding pathway through a small bit of woodland.

We decided to pick 5 of the 13 or so stands and do a round of 50 sporting and we had a lot to pick from. We had a pair of Rabbits, driven game, spring teal and even a high tower which was the first of its kind I have had the chance to shoot before!s2

The set up was really varied and fun and I would happily go back anytime, although I would be lying if I said I didnt get fairly frustrated with the amount of ‘no-birds’ we had on the day and broken traps. It was also one of the more expensive grounds I have been too as well but I guess that is expected the further South you get and I am a tight Yoskhireman after all! Overall though, great fun day out and would certainly go back!

For opening times go to

UntitledBrook Bank Shooting Ground,
Brook Bank,
Rodney Stoke,
Somerset BS27 3UJ



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