Dad and Lads

Back at Hazel Bank today with my Brother and my Dad. Since getting my SGC through in May both my brother and Dad have sent off the application for their certificates, so after a bit of shopping in the morning for a couple of new guns we all headed to Hazel Bank to break some clays (and miss a few!).

IMG_5836Using my new Browning 525 Sporter we headed out on to the field and started on some good looping crossers which I hit a nice 9 out of 10. I couldn’t have asked for a better start with a new gun to give me some faith in it. The set up was good today with a variedIMG_5780 mix to have a go at although the last stand brought up a pair of Right to Left Rabbits that I couldn’t get my head around and managed a pitiful 2 out of 10! Not a good way to end but finished on 31/50 which I’m fairly happy with at the moment with only a month or two shooting under my belt.

After a quick break we went round again for another 50 this time starting with the Rabbits. Again it was poor… 3 out of 10. Normally I have really enjoyed Rabbit targets but I think having two coming out together so quickly got me panicking and rushing my shot. Not to mention a regular to the ground joined us this time and hit a solid 10/10 on the rabbits, nothing like a bit of pressure but it was good to see it can be done and pick up a few tips!

Apart from that one card wrecking stand it was a good fun day out and after the torrential early morning rain the weather turned out for us and we got a bit of sunshine!

Round 1:

Me – 31/50
Dad – 18/50
Brother – 23/50

Round 2:
Me – 34/50
Dad – 19/50
Brother – 29/50





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