Hazel Bank Shooting Ground, North Yorkshire

As a newcomer to Clay Pigeon Shooting I was looking for a local ground that could offer the advice, support and experience to get to grips with the basics. Hazel Bank Shooting Ground couldn’t have been a better place to start!

Located just outside of Knaresborough and voted as Best Shooting Ground in the North East in 2016 Hazel Bank is a friendly and welcoming place to visit. It is run by Mark Lawson who before I got my shotgun certificate happily spoke to me over the phone to provide all the information I needed to get started.


When I first went to Hazel Bank it was extremely welcoming, and I was given a full explanation of the set up, rules and etiquette. I was also introduced to some of the regular shooters and invited to do a round of 50 Sporting with them as I didn’t know anyone. Mark has done a great job of making some very interesting stands with the space he has and the traps are regularly changed to provide new targets every time I go.

The price seems to be one of the best in the area from what I have seen so far with a round of 50 Sporting only costing £12. They have a welcoming atmosphere and provided snacks and refreshments on both days.

They are open on a Saturday 12.30pm – 4pm and a Sunday 10am – 1pm. www.hazelbankshooting.co.uk

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 20.53.34
Hazelbank Shooting Ground

Hazel Bank
North Yorkshire


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